Avoid losing your data to disastrous events.

Choose the best for your business, rely on our 3 times secure Datacenter


- Datacenter Tier III
- ensures business continuity
- Redundant power and cooling systems


- uses only hyperconvergent technologies
- Is natively resilient to ransomware
- performs up to 1 backup/min.
- restores any data in up to 15 minutes


- is located in Italy
- property of OGR (Italian company)
- managed by HRC (an Italian company)

With a TIER 3 certified datacenter you have the security of having your data always available with a maximum down time of 1.6 hours per year. This is possible thanks to the redundancy of critical components that ensure business continuity in case of failures or interruptions. Basically, you will be able to work without interruption and with maximum safety, even in emergency situations.

The servers that populate the data center use a technology hyperconvergent natively resilient to ransomware. You can make Up to 1 backup/min. of your data and in case of need you can rRestore all your data, regardless of its size in less than 15 minutes.


It is important, to ensure the GDPR compliance, that a data center take appropriate measures to protect individuals' personal data and ensure its security.
Before storing data outside your company, for your own protection and that of your information, always verify where it actually resides, who manages it, and who actually owns the datacenter!

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