Multimedia Rooms

Communicating is our specialty.

Don't give up the fundamentals of meetings: listening, vision, immediacy

If your business has as its pivot of management and business development relationships, group activities and constant training you will need to equip yourself appropriately to meet these needs.
Our experience, the qualified personnel, apparatus of the highest quality contribute to the development of projects of media rooms custom, including for enterprise-level companies, of which we follow every aspect from research to design, from implementation to maintenance always with devices for domotic room management even through touch devices.
Below are some examples of media rooms that have been implemented:

- Control Booths and Control Rooms
- Videoconferencing Systems
- Audio systems
- Simultaneous translation stations
- Setting up furniture with integration of multimedia equipment
- Implementation of audio-video shooting systems, video projection systems and audio broadcasting systems
- Audio-video recording, HD streaming
- Advanced home automation solutions for control, including Wi-Fi, of multimedia equipment, lighting, motorized blinds
- Implementation of multi-image projection systems appropriate for incident brightness
- Professional VideoWalls
- Professional LedWalls
- Training room
- Digital Signage Solutions

Contact us, together we could evaluate what to implement in your company and find the best solution by also providing free rendering of the results obtained.

Among our most important projects are the Samsung Operating Show Room realized at the OGR Turin, visitable by appointment.

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