Learn and understand cyber risk with "Mental Hacking"

"Imagine for a moment that you were hacked by a hacker: your login passwords, social profiles, contacts, and company information were taken, cloned, and used to do harm to you and the people around you. How would you feel?"

"MENTAL HACKING." with the participation of life coach/mentalist Emanuel Spina and of Nino D'Amico, CTO of HRC, is a way innovative and interactive way of educating people about cyber risk, designed by CyberBrain, HRC's Cyber Team, for Raise awareness of an issue often overlooked by businesses or by ordinary people who use electronic devices and surf the Web every day.
How easily manipulated are we by "mental-hacking"?
We are conditioned if we do not have the right training in this area. The best computer system suitable for protecting our sensitive data is not enough if the human being using it does not know the shadowy areas of his or her unconscious.

Only awareness can make us more resistant to attack! In 60 minutes of pure entertainment, the audience will experience what it is like to be hacked on a subconscious level.

What will create an extraordinary suggestion and demonstrate the power and potency of mental-hacking to the message will also be The presence of a piano on stage, tuned to 432hz, played live by an extraordinary pianist: Silvia Rao.

The show, which is free and included in our Mental-Hacking event, with reservation required, will be held on'March 8 at 7 p.m. at the Speakers' Corner of the OGR Tech, at 22 Corso Castelfidardo, Turin.


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